30+ Most Romantic Things To Do In Colorado Springs, Colorado

30+ Most Romantic Things To Do In Colorado Springs, Colorado

This article collects the best date ideas and romantic things to do in Colorado Springs for couples based on significant travel, blogs, reviews, and social media sites.

There are numerous romantic activities available in Colorado Springs. The city’s biggest attractions are listed below, along with ideas for romantic dates. These activities, which range from fine dining to sightseeing throughout the city, are free to attend.

Imagine surprising your loved one with a last-minute trip to Colorado Springs. 

Imagine what it was like when you two first met. 

Bring those emotions to the forefront as you read this article.

Here are 30+ romantic things to do in Colorado Springs with your partner.

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Outdoor / Adventurous Date Ideas in Colorado Springs To Have Fun

Enjoy a scenic hike at Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado, USA [Amazing Places 4K]

This national landmark can find rock formations with vivid red and orange hues. Enjoy a picnic inside the geological wonder, a picturesque drive, a trek, or a horseback ride. 

Don’t forget to sneak a kiss and pose for a picture beneath the renowned “Kissing Camels” rock formation. 

The Tower of Babel, Siamese Twins, and Balanced Rock are a few more well-liked destinations. The Garden of the Gods is unquestionably the best activity in Colorado Springs!

Have an encounter with your favorite animals at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (4K)

Any animal lover will be enthralled with Cheyenne Mountain. 

Have close contact by hand-feeding a giraffe, watching African elephants play in a lagoon, or taking a chairlift ride over the zoo to get a bird’s-eye view of the city. 

Moreover, Rocky Mountain Barbecue Co. lets you sip on a beer or a glass of wine. A great place to go on a date is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

See the city from a new perspective.

Hot Air Balloon Ride – Credits: Pinterest

What could be a more picturesque way to view Colorado Springs than from a hot air balloon? 

Enjoy a life-changing ride while taking in the panoramic views of the mountains and vast plains. 

One of Colorado Springs’ most memorable experiences, without a doubt.

Steal a kiss at the Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge Bridge – Credits: Pinterest

Kiss, lean back and giggle in the wind, and live in the thrill of the Grand Canyon’s breathtaking splendor. 

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you cross the Royal Gorge Bridge. The ideal place to sneak a kiss in Colorado has been named the highest suspension bridge in the country. 

Visit this one-of-a-kind artwork to experience its awesomeness, do a cloud walk, and don’t be afraid to steal a kiss.

Relish an unforgettable and adventurous stay at Seven Falls

Seven Falls – Credits: Pexels

This location is close to the zoo described above, so your date could develop into a short day excursion across your hometown.

In South Cheyenne Canyon, several cascading waterfalls are known as Seven Falls. To feel a little extreme, there are numerous excellent walking and hiking trails and an exhilarating zipline above the waterfalls.

Enjoy a memorable and exciting stay at Seven Falls before dining on a delectable gourmet fare in 1858. Perfecto, yum!

Broadmoor has many more Colorado Springs date suggestions to offer. You can explore this area more entirely because it is a sizable resort.

Spend a refreshing day at Seven Bridges Trail

Seven Bridges Trail – Credits: Pixabay

It’s one of Colorado Springs’ most well-liked romance spots. This path in North Cheyenne Canyon Park is rated as moderate, so you don’t need to have any extra preparation. It is only 6.3 kilometers long, just enough time to relax, take in the scenery, and avoid exhaustion.

It is best to schedule a date there between March and November. Additionally, pick the morning because the area might get rather congested later.

The sounds of the mountains, birds, and waterfalls are soothing and refreshing. Find all seven of those bridges, then call it a day.

Take in the breathtaking views at Pikes Peak.

Pikes Peak – Credits: Pinterest

Rocky Mountains sightseeing is a must when in Colorado Springs.

The excellent news is Pikes Peak is the tallest summit along the front range; people from all over the state come to stroll, hike, and climb it, and access points are right from Colorado Springs’ front yard.

Of course, the mountain is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and adventure seekers will adore its lakes, woods, cliffs, and canyons.

But to appreciate Pikes Peak, you don’t have to be a tough hiker.

Let your adventurous spirit run wild at the Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space – Credits: Pexels

The 1,474 acres of the Red Rock Canyon Open Space are perfect for letting your adventurous side loose. 

This city park is a cherished gem in the Pikes Peak area and is characterized by eroded canyons, sandstone rocks, and “hogbacks,” a series of ridges that sit parallel to one another. 

It is located idyllically just south of Route 24. Red Rock Canyon offers miles of off-leash dog loops for dog owners and their pets, while picnic sites are available for families to enjoy leisurely lunches and afternoon munchies. 

This open area also contains a free-ride bike park with three levels for riders of different skill levels and expertise. This recreational paradise offers numerous hiking trails to get in shape.

Plan a trip to the United States Air Force Academy

The United States Air Force Academy Campus

Pilots and other prospective USAF members complete their training at the United States Air Force Academy, which is situated just north of Colorado Springs.

You can explore many structures to understand more about the organization and aviation history, even though some aren’t accessible to tourists.

For instance, did you know that the visitor center houses a 250-seat cinema where movies about the academy are shown?

Additionally, tours are given for locations like the “Falcon Athletic Center” and the “Cadet Chapel.”

The hiking trails that round the base can be of interest to you if you enjoy being outside.

It can be peaceful with the fighter aircraft flying overhead and the thick vegetation on the ground.

Take a respite at Memorial Park.

Memorial Park – Credits: Instagram

One of Colorado Springs’ central open spaces is Memorial Park.

It’s one of the busiest as well.

There are activity centers, swimming pools, pavilions, sporting courts, picnic spaces, skate parks, and a lake with boating and ice skating in the winter.

In addition, the park hosts other special occasions all year long, such as Colorado’s annual hot air balloon festival!

Memorial Park is also extremely reasonably priced.

Most of its amenities are free, and other low-cost and free programs are available, including summer swim lessons in the facility’s indoor and outdoor pools.

Few things will cost money, like renting a canoe and a paddle board to go boating.

Hit up the Colorado Farm and Art Market

Colorado Farm and Art Market – Credits: Pexels

Are you searching for free activities in Colorado Springs?

The Colorado Farm and Art Market are worth visiting.

Vendors from all around Colorado for the market offer their wares.

Food makes up a large portion of it, including various types of fresh jams and sauces cooked at home, still-warm bread, spiced popcorn, and peanuts.

Other goods could include arts and crafts made by regional artisans or flowers and shrubs grown by nearby florists.

A significant component of the market’s appeal is socializing.

If you’re bashful, you can merely observe people, although locals and visitors are typically more than ready to converse with kind strangers.

This place exudes a tremendous sense of community.

If you’re wondering what to do while on a budget in Colorado Springs, the Colorado Farm and Art Market might be an option.

Go Whitewater Rafting Down the Arkansas River

Whitewater Rafting – Credits: Pinterest

Beginning high in the Rocky Mountains, not far from Leadville, Colorado, the Arkansas River flows past Colorado Springs before descending to Pueblo.

It is also the most well-liked whitewater rafting location in the United States, with 152 miles of rafting and more than 80 Class II to Class V rapids.

More than 175,000 people visit the area every year for the trip. The Royal Gorge, Browns Canyon, and Bighorn Sheep Canyon are the most well-liked river areas for rafting. 

Diverse routes will accommodate rafters of varying skill levels, so be sure to verify with your firm of choice before making a reservation. There are also float tours, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding options.

Music, Art, Historic, Cultural Date Ideas in Colorado Springs

Take in the culture at Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center – Credits: Instagram

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center is a date spot guaranteed to wow anyone with a passion for art and culture. 

Whether you go to see the many masterpieces by prominent Modern American painters like Georgia O’Keefe, Dale Chihuly, and Walt Kuhn or to take in the Broadway-caliber live theater.

Paint with a twist

Couple at a painting Class – Credits: iStock

A creative and entertaining date idea that includes some wine, painting, and fun.

Attend a hands-on painting lesson while sipping your preferred wine or beverage. Instructors guide visitors as they recreate stunning featured artwork. 

By the end of the evening, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind creation and a perfect, unusual date that will undoubtedly be recalled.

Laugh at Loonees Comedy Corner

Couple laughing at a comedy show – Credits: Instagram

Anyone can appreciate a good laugh. Most likely, not someone you want to go out on a date with. The only location in Colorado Springs dedicated to making you laugh is The Loonies Comedy Corner. Every weekend, nationally traveling comedians visit the area.

Regularly scheduled performances include one on Thursday night and two on Friday and Saturday. 

On Friday and Saturday, you must be 21 or older to enter, and on Thursday, you must be 18 or older. There is a 2-item minimum, and food and beverages are both available. 

Thursday is ladies’, military, and college discount night! Making reservations is highly advisedMaking reservations are highly advised, and you can save money if you order your tickets online.

Explore history at Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum – Credits: Pinterest

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is an excellent site to learn more about Pikes Peak’s past. 

This museum has both temporary and permanent exhibitions that highlight the rich history and culture of American Indians and African Americans.

Enjoy a movie night at Kimball’s Theater.

Couple at a movie theater – Credits: iStock

After a beautiful day, how about watching a romantic movie and enjoying a great bottle of wine? 

There is a place in Colorado Springs that is ideal for you. Just go downtown to Kimball’s Peak Three Theater and spend the evening watching movies and sipping on a variety of wine, beer, or liquor cocktails. 

Without a movie night, a romantic retreat is simply that—an escape!

Plunge into the atmosphere of the Wildest West at Ghost Town Museum

The Wild West Ghost Town Museum in Colorado Springs

At this museum, immerse yourself in the untamed West’s ambiance. 

In addition to simply strolling and admiring, other activities are available for people of all ages, including operating an antique arcade, watching a movie about the gold rush, trying to mine real gold on your own, and sipping an old-fashioned soft drink. A picnic is also permitted.

Working as a gold miner for a while can’t be boring, so this place will keep you and your companions entertained. Ghost Town has long assisted in setting up enjoyable dates in Colorado Springs. People adore this location. You’ll enjoy it, we’re confident of it. There, the ticket will just set you back $7.50.

Additionally, there is a gift shop nearby where you can get a nice souvenir to remind you of your perfect Colorado Spring date.

Turn history into a fun and interactive experience at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site.

Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site – Credits: Instagram

History can be learned without squeezing through silent museums.

In reality, by going to places like the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, you can make history a pleasurable and engaging experience for the whole family.

The Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, as you may know, is a “living history” museum where four distinct places painstakingly recreate four different historical periods.

There is a teepee for the 1770s Native Americans, a log home for the 1860s European settlers, a farmhouse for the 1880s occupants, and a mansion for the early 1900s landowners.

In addition to the architecture, costumed performers rove the area and are available for photos, stories, tours, and demonstrations.

Learn about the art of mining at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry

Western Museum of Mining and Industry – Credits: Pixabay

The Western Museum of Mining and Industry, located a few miles north of Colorado Springs, is devoted to mining, coal, steam engines, mobility, and other life-saving innovations from the industrial revolution.

It’s a fantastic location to learn about these particular businesses and their influence on America in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Everything from functional pneumatic machinery to scale replicas of mines and mills is on display.

In addition, visitors can pan for gold, walk inside steam engines and other industrial-era machinery, and explore “mine shafts.”

Other activities include exploring the grounds and looking at old movies, pictures, and relics.

Even a library and a traditional laboratory are present.

Travel back in time to Penrose Heritage Museum

Penrose Heritage Museum – Credits: Pexels

The Penrose Heritage Museum, formerly known as the “Carriage Museum,” houses several horse-drawn carriages.

Most belonged to the Penrose’s, a married couple who began collecting pricey and elegant carriages in the 1940s.

For instance, they have the carriage William Henry Harrison rode into his inauguration as president in 1841!

The Penrose Heritage Museum has a variety of enjoyable, vintage modes of transportation in addition to carriages.

There are motorbikes, limos, race cars, and vintage vehicles.

The museum’s collection of genuine antique items from the 19th century is another must-see feature.

The Penrose Heritage Center is great for learning about history, culture, transportation, etc.

Put the pedal to the metal and get there!

Take a tour of the National Museum of World War II Aviation.

National Museum of World War II Aviation – Credits: Pinterest

Colorado Springs is quite proud of its aviation, as you might expect from the city that is home to the United States Air Force Academy. The National Museum of World War II Aviation is one of the best sites to visit for aviation lovers.

To begin with, there are frequently flying aircraft overhead due to its proximity to Peterson Air Force Base and the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport.

It also features a vast range of images, writings, artifacts, and other relics from World War II and other airborne events at that time.

You can explore the exhibitions and galleries at any time as a visitor on your own.

As visiting the hangar where planes are fixed and refurbished requires supervision, reservations are required.

The National Museum of World War II Aviation is a must-see destination for anyone interested in flight and flight history.

Indoor / Relaxing / Foodies Date Ideas in Colorado Springs

Enjoy a relaxing soak at Sunwater Spa.

Sunwater Spa – Credits: Pexels

Get cozy and unwind in a cedar tub. 

Relaxing at the foot of Pikes Peak has a unique charm. 

Beautiful scenery, a calm ambiance, and hot water all come together to make for a steamy date night.

Groove at the Motif Jazz Café

Couple at a cafe – Credits: iStock

Without some decent jazz music, what is romance? 

Make plans to visit Colorado’s premier jazz club, the Motif Jazz Cafe, and enjoy some chill live jazz music. 

Enjoy their top-notch cocktails, a range of mouthwatering dishes, and pricey wines in a setting that makes you feel incredibly romantic. 

Without including a trip to this jazz café, your Colorado Springs romantic weekend bucket list won’t be complete.

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Mona Lisa Fondue

Chocolates – Credits: Pinterest

Without chocolate, your love tale would not be complete! The ideal way to appreciate chocolate is when it is molten, ideally with fine wine on top. 

The Colorado restaurant Mona Lisa Fondue offers that and a lot more. The delicious and savory cheese fondue, salad entrees, and delicious chocolate dessert fondue provided at this award-winning restaurant are perfect ways to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

It won’t be complete if you don’t stop by the chocolate restaurant during your romantic stay in the city.

Grab a beer at Phantom Canyon Brewing Company

Something’s Brewing: Phantom Brewing Company

One of the best places to have a beer in Colorado Springs is the Phantom Canyon Brewing Company.

Its century-old brick structure not only exudes a certain ancient charm but also has three floors dedicated to eating, drinking, playing games, interacting with others, and generally having fun.

The magic happens on the first floor, where more than a dozen unique brews are made, packaged, and sold.

Billiards, jukeboxes, televisions, and other entertainment options may be found on the second level.

The kitchen and bar are located on the third floor.

Bring a hungry appetite: Burgers, chili fries, and beer pretzels are standard “pub fare,” but there are also unique menu options like lamb tongue tacos and bison brisket.

Active and Youthful Date Ideas in Colorado Springs

Test your luck at Cripple Creek

Couple at a casino – Credits: Unsplash

Have a good time by traveling to Cripple Creek. Highways 24 and 67 lead to this welcoming casino town, located one hour west of Colorado Springs.

There are many things to do and see in this formerly mining town during the day, as well as a variety of casinos open around the clock.

If you choose to stay the night, Century Casino has a variety of accommodations as well as all the slots and table games you could ever want. Casinos, including Brass Ass, Bronco Billy’s, and Double Eagle, are also popular. Consider camping in Mueller State Park, 15 miles north of the city, for less expensive rustic lodging. Three cabins and more than 100 campsites are available all year round.

Get into the athletic spirit at Olympic Training Center.

Visiting the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs

Near the center of Colorado Springs, on East Boulder Street, is a 35-acre complex known as the Olympic Training Center. 

It is a cutting-edge athletic facility that hosts the U.S. Olympic Committee in addition to disciplines including gymnastics, swimming, weightlifting, and wrestling.

Other amenities include a sports medicine and science center, two swimming pools, eating halls, and residence halls. 

The facility provides guided tours all year long, including terms for young children. A movie and a walking tour follow each other to start the hour-long tour. 

The Visitor Center houses the Team USA Shop, which offers sports and the Olympics goods.

Nature-Inspired Date Ideas in Colorado Springs

Connect with nature at Fox Run Regional Park

Fox Run Regional Park

Visitors may see this small yet lovely forest park from this mountain, Pikes Peak, Aspen, and Spruce Lakes. A romantic picnic, a stroll, and a quick photo shoot would be ideal.

In our opinion, one of the best dating suggestions in Colorado Springs is Fox Run. 

It’s the ideal location for getting away from it all and spending time with nature.

Ride the Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway – Credits: Pinterest

The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway, known as the highest rack railway in the world, takes you right up to the top of “America’s Mountain.”

The railway was founded in 1891, but it has undergone significant repairs to maintain high standards. Today’s rail passengers can experience new trains, new tracks, and new depots.

Those who don’t want to drive on the Pikes Peak Highway can quickly ascend the mountain by the railway. Although it is a lovely trip, the route climbs to a treacherous 14,115 feet and can be risky for individuals who are unsure of the area.

You can enjoy the breathtaking view on the train traveling up the mountain without worrying.

Stroll around Bear Creek Regional Park

Bear Creek Regional Park – Credits: Instagram

Bear Creek Regional Park provides 545 acres of green space, picnic pavilions, tennis courts, playgrounds, an archery range, a horseshoe pit, and basketball courts.

Additionally, ten miles of multi-use, non-motorized trails can be used for equestrian riding, biking, and strolling.

The location, conveniently close to the city’s center, is still one of the locals’ favorite parks. There is a nature center and a calendar of educational activities on the property for youngsters to participate in.

Final Thoughts

Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a beautiful city. The city’s attractions are museums, old structures, historic sites, historic buildings, romantic getaways, hiking trails, city tours, boat tours, amusement parks, food events, and renowned eateries.

We hope you will enjoy all the places on this list.

Have a beautiful time in Colorado Springs.

Thanks for reading!

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