When you come into the profession of the pool cue, then you come to know that the spin of the pool ball is a really important factor in the pool game. You required the spin of the cue ball in some situations to achieve your required results. You have to know different types of spin before buying the best pool cue for a spin. Keep reading the best pool cues for spin.

Sidespin or English:

In the pool game, the term English is used for the sidespin. Sidespin may be of different types like inside, outside, inverse, and running spin. All these terms are conveniently known as English. These terms could be defined as:

Inside English:

Inside spin is caused by the strike the cue ball exactly on the side of the shot direction. In simple words, we can say that the cue ball hits the left side of the object ball during the shot. The cue to which a cut shot develops is towards the right. Inside English is referred to as the right sidespin.

Outside English:

If you strike the cue ball at its side and the direction is away from the direction of a hit, then it will be referred to as the outside English. In other words, we can say that after hitting the cue ball, strike with the object ball in the left direction, due to which a cut shot develops. Left sidespin is referred to as the outside English.

Reverse English:

It is called the check or hold-up English because in this side spin cue ball slows down and gets a little rebound angle when it strikes with the cushion. It is always opposite to natural English. The spin is opposite the running direction after striking with the cushion.

Running English:

With the sidespin, the cue ball’s speed increases after the strike on the cushion. Along with speed, the cue ball forms a wide-angle when rebinding.

These are the types of spin caused by the cue ball’s sidespin. Many best pool cues remain best for the spin during the game. Here we will discuss the best pool cues for a spin.

Best pool cues for a spin:

Following are the best pool cues that could be used for a spin, and these will give you exactly the required result.

  • AB Earth Pool Cue Stick Billiard​​​Viper Signature
  • ​Aska Set of Five Wrap-less L3 Billiard Pool Cues
  • Purex HXT-65
  • ​​CUESOUL 58-Inch 2-Piece Maple Billiard Stick Pool Cue
  • ​​Viper Junior
  • ​​Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue

1: AB Earth Pool Cue Stick Billiard

This pool cue contains a length of 58 inches and 18 ounces to 21 ounces weight. Each set contains six pool cues that are 2-piece in their formation. It contains a butt made of maple, and a wrap is made of linen.

As spinning involves the best type of tip, therefore, now you do not need to worry about that. This includes a removable pool cue tip that you can easily replace. You can have both the glue-on and the screw-on option for your pool cue. It contains ferrule made of stainless steel material that is more reliable and durable than other options of ferrule made of fiber.

It is the best product for normal pool players as it is an affordable option. Along with its work efficiency, It contains the best attractive appearance. Therefore, you can give it to your pool loving friend.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Best for house cues as well as for casual players


  • May exposed to warping with time
  • The quality of shaft material may not be very good

​​​2: Viper Signature

Nowadays, the pool and billiard are not precise for men only. In North Carolina, according to the foundation of colleges, if we case study the count of pool players, then find out that every third Player is a woman.  

It would prove an outstanding option for the woman who loves to play the pool game. Also, it is loved by the woman due to its colorful texture rather than the common boring black, green, and blue colours that traditional pool cues contain.

The viper signature pool cues offer attractive pink colour. Its weight may be 19ounces or 20 ounces. It offers a hard tip suitable for creating the cue ball’s best spin. The pool cue is made of leather. It is manufactured especially shaft by the Best quality maple wood from Canada.


  • Attractive colours and the best material
  • Work like most expensive pool cues


  • A tip is hard that is not convenient to change
  • This warps easily

​3: Aska Set of Five Wrap-less L3 Billiard Pool Cues

If you are a pool player also fond of a pool game and therefore want to furnish your pool game room, then you can completely rely on the Aska. Aska offers a set of five pool and billiard cues that wrap-less L3. The entire pool cue presented in the Aska set offers different colours like brown, green, red, blue, and black.

Along with the different colours, it also provides different weight ranges from 18ounces to 21 ounces.

The professional players who buy and use these pool cues observe its amazing features that suit every Player. The material of these pool cues is the best. Therefore, it gives the best feel and provides the best finish. These may not be suitable completely for the professional Player, but it is perfect for home pool cues.


  • Good material
  • Offers different colours


  • Not best for professional players but suitable for normal players

4: Purex HXT-65

Purex provides the best product in two aspects that everyone should consider while choosing the best pool cue for a spin.

Firstly, it provides the Kamui soft tip that is black. The Kamui is the soft pool cue tip; it has elastic features; therefore, the ball experience some extra spin even when you apply little force. It permits you to control the cue ball with high accuracy and precision.

Secondly, it offers a shaft made of technology that carries low deflection. It provides the best feedback due to its high accuracy due to the lightweight designed shaft.

Purex HXT-65 has other important features that make it the best product of other options. This product provides a lifetime warranty. Its warranty is that the manufacturers will replace the warped pool cue if your pool cue is warping for any reason.


  • Offers Kamui tip of black colour
  • Great appearance
  • Working is really good
  • Carry the best craftsmanship
  • Best playability


  • Ripple finishing in some cases

​​5: CUESOUL 58-Inch 2-Piece Maple Billiard Stick Pool Cue

Cuesoul is a 2-piece pool cue option that is made of maple. It contains a standard size and weight of 58 inches in length and 19ounces weight. These pool cues are manufactured in a variety of colours for those people who want different coloured pool cues. These colours may include blue, red, brown, and orange colours. All of them have the best quality material.




  • Best quality material
  • It offers the best balance
  • Offers case for storage
  • Offers accessories like cleaning towels and protectors


  • It is not perfectly straight.

​​6: Viper Junior

If you cannot play with the heavy pool cues, then Viper Junior provides you with an option that is light in weight than any other standard weight pool cue. Its weight is round about 16 ounces. These pool cues remain best for the people who want lighter pool cues and the kids.

If the pool cue’s best designs inspire you, you should go for the Viper Junior. This pool cue allows the best type of camera visuals. It is a 2-piece pool cue. Therefore, it is much easier to transfer and easy to store. You can take it everywhere you want without any trouble and damage.

It offers ABS joints that are light in weight. This contains a Le Pro tip made of leather that produces the best type of spin. It wraps in nylon that allows comfort. Viper junior also offers a bumper made of rubber.

When you use lightweight and straight pool cues like Viper junior, you will find out the uniqueness of this product. As it is a small pool cue, you can use it in a small area.  


  • Best appearance
  • It could be used in tight spaces
  • The best option for children


  • The design may not match the description.

​​7: Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue

The Player’s technology offers the series HXT15 2-piece pool cue. Its appearance is a combination of both traditional and modern pool cues. HXT15 pool cues have the increment of modern features that include the Kamui tip of black colour  that is consistence to create the best type of spin of the cue ball. The cue tip also offers the best ferrule that causes low deflection.

 These products give a lifetime guarantee because it offers non-wearable parts.

The professional pool and billiard players inspire by this type of pool cue. When you experience this pool cue, you will find out that this is the best pool cue you probably use.


  • It would be better than your expectation
  • It performs other expensive products
  • Straight enough, therefore, provides well-balanced


  • With the time passage, it warps
  • Durability may less

Frequently asked questions:

What will you look for when choosing your pool cue for a spin?

When you choose the best pool cue for a spin, you have to know about the spin of the pool game. For this purpose, you should focus on the pool cue tip of the cue. Along the tip, you must also focus on the weight and size of the pool cue.

How can you choose your best pool cue for a spin?

It would help if you kept an observer searching for your best pool cue for a spin. Before selecting the pool cue, you should read our article thoroughly. In this article, we have suggested almost all the best options that you may consider to choose the best product for you.

What pool cue is best for a spin? Soft or hard pool cue tip?

Both the pool cues have their benefits as well as drawbacks. But if you are looking for the pool cue tip for a spin, you must go for the soft pool cue tip. It will allow you to give a soft feel, and you can apply spin easily. On the other hand, the hard pool cues are more durable than the soft options.

Is learning and practicing the spinning of the pool cue ball important?

If you want to become a professional and expert pool player, you must know about the spinning of pool balls. Along with the knowledge of spinning, you must have the experience to play spinning for the best results.


This article has discussed all the best options you may consider. But the Players technology HXT15 series is the best option for you. It is not a much more expensive option. We hope you will gain a lot from this article, and all the questions about the best pool cue for a spin would resolve. So, best of luck with your pool game time with the best option.


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