Everything You Need to Know About the KIA Stonic

Everything You Need to Know About the KIA Stonic

Everything You Need to Know About the KIA Stonic

Regarding subcompact cars, KIA has been making them longer than anyone else in the industry, so you know they’re good at what they do. The Stonic SUV may be their newest product. Still, it’s already turning heads with its combination of functionality and style that competitors can’t beat in the same category. If you’re considering getting one, read on to learn everything you need to know about the Stonic so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you and your needs.


Kia has never been a household name like Toyota or Honda, but it does have an impressive lineup of compact and mid-size sedans. With that in mind, the Korean automaker has unveiled its first all-new vehicle in eight years, which will slot in under the Rio subcompact. Called the Kia Stonic. The new car is aimed at people looking for a stylish small SUV with modern features. The Stonic is based on Kia’s global small car platform and offers advanced features like a head-up display, heated seats, and automatic braking when coming up on another car too quickly.KIA stonic comes with basically two key variants. The first one is KIA stonic EX, and the second one is KIA stonic EX+. The difference between these two is features and specifications that vary from one another.

Features and specifications

The car comes with various features and specifications that make it worth your while—this SUV contains many features like ABS brakes, airbags, traction control, immobilizer, etc.
It has an overall length of 4140mm, an overall width of 1760mm, an overall height of 1500 wheelbase, 2580 ground clearance, and a 165mm seating capacity of 5 persons with five doors.

If we talk about its engine specifications, it has a 1.4 liter 1400 cc engine with a horsepower of 99 @ 6000RPM and torque of 133Nm@ 4000RPM, and the fuel injection system is MPFI(multi-point fuel injection). This is a fuel system in which fuel is injected directly into to combustion engine through multi ports situated on the intake valves of every cylinder. It has four valves with the valve mechanism of DOHC(Dual overhead came shaft) 16Valves, and the company-rated top speed is 220KM/H.

More Details 

It has an automatic transmission, six-speed gearbox, EPS electronic power steering, and four-wheel disk brakes. Alloy wheels are given with the tire size of 195/55/165 alloy wheel size is 16 inches in diameter.
If we talk about its mileage, it has an excellent mileage record with an unbelievable 12KM/L in the city and 16KM/L on the highway, which is quite impressive for such an SUV.
It has six airbags with five seat belts, an immobilizer, a child lock, ISOFIX child seat anchors, ABS brakes; Hill start assist control, traction control, and vehicle stability control.

Adjustable headlights are given to provide more comfort for the night driving experience, fog lights, rear spoiler, DRL, Sun/Moon roof, front and rear speakers, air conditioner, climate control, cruise control, heater, defogger, keyless entry, central locking, power door, power locks, power steering, power windows, power mirrors, cup holders, rear headrest, armrest, hand brake, interior lights, a front power outlet, steering adjustment, and steering switches.
These are all the features and specifications of the KIA stonic SUV mentioned above. If we talk about these features in such a car, it’s imposing.

Comfort & Convenience

Among other comfort and convenience features, the vehicle offers leather upholstery, a remote start, power seats, and an outside temperature display. A hands-free trunk release is also standard on this vehicle. The 2020 KIA Stonic comes with a touchscreen infotainment system that includes Bluetooth, a USB port, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto for easy connection to your smart device. There are also auxiliary and 12V ports for your listening pleasure. Standard safety features include dual front airbags, seat belt pretensioners, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control (ESC), and many more features.

Exterior Design

The new and improved design of the KIA Stonic makes it one of the most attractive cars on the market. The exterior is composed of smooth curves, clean lines, and sharp edges, which come together in a classy design that offers both style and sophistication. Its angled headlamps add to its sleekness with modern lighting technology and daytime running lights for excellent visibility. You can make your car stand out from the rest with six different body colors. (Cheery black, Clear white, Mercury Blue, Panthera metal, Sparking silver, and Sporty blue).
One thing that sets this vehicle apart from others is its compact size – 4140mm long by 1760mm wide by 1500mm high – making it great for navigating city streets or squeezing through tight parking spots.

Interior Design

The interior is uncomplicated. The four-spoke steering wheel has a high-quality leather cover with integrated buttons for cruise control and a storage compartment. The only trim level offered will be premium. This is an optional extra on other models in Kia’s range but standard on the stonic. Audio is via Bluetooth or USB with two speakers on either side of the central display screen.

Performance Comparison

It has a powerful engine of 1400 cc with the horsepower of 99@ 6000RPM and torque of 133@4000 RPM with an excellent average of
12KM/L in the city and 16KM/L on the highway with a top speed of 220km/h. It is pretty fast. This car might be for you if you want something more fuel efficient than the 2017 Toyota Corolla. With high gas prices, it makes sense to go for something that gets better mileage but still has excellent performance. The Stonic also comes standard with LED daytime running lights and taillights. Which look sleek and stylish, giving it an overall sporty look and making it easier to see at night.


It has two variants with two different prices in Pakistan.
1) KIA stonic EX 4,545,000
2) KIA stonic EX+ 4,848,000
these are ex-factory prices that are mentioned above


There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a new car. The stonic is excellent for urban settings or as a second vehicle for families and single individuals. To get more information about this car, read the complete article. If you have any queries feel free to contact us!

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