How to save Instagram reels in a gallery with music?

How to save Instagram reels in a gallery with music?

How to save Instagram reels in a gallery with music?

What are Instagram reels?

Instagram reels don’t need an introduction now because it has been quite a long since Instagram introduced this new feature. With the popularity of TikTok, Instagram added a new feature as its alternative to making short video content. It allows you to add music, and you can share reels to your Instagram stories on your explore feed, as well as to a separate Reel tab.
Therefore, reels are great for everyone. It allows users to create short, fun, and entertaining video content. Instagram users also love to share their reels on other social media platforms.

Why are reels downloaded/saved without music?

Users who put their time and effort into reel-making prefer sharing their reels on other platforms. However, one common issue that every user faces is that when they download revolutions without posting to save and re-share to other platforms, it is saved without music. In this scenario, the reels become useless as one cant re-share them without music. It is a pretty annoying and confusing situation for a lot of users.

Is there any way to save reels with music?

One most significant things to mention here is that there is no official way from Instagram to save reels with music without posting.
However, there are a few unofficial alternate ways of doing so on every device.

How to save Instagram reels with music on Android?

As mentioned earlier, there is no official way of saving Instagram reels on Android. However, here we will discuss the two simplest forms of repurposing your spins by saving them in your gallery.

Saving Instagram reels on Android – Method 1

The first method of saving Instagram reels on Android is recording your screen.
This method is the simplest, and anyone can easily save reels with it. All the android phones available in the market these days have a built-in feature of the recording screen. If you are utilizing any old phone, you can use any screen recording application available on Play Store.
Firstly, Go to the Instagram reel you want to save to the gallery with music.
Swipe down from your phone’s top and access the Record Screen / Screen Recording option.
Tap on this option to start screen recording and stop it as soon as the reel ends.

How to access it afterward?

It is also simple. Go to the photos app and access the movies/videos/screen recording folder to find the recent recording.
If you want to make it more impressive, trim it to include your favorite part only.

Saving Instagram reels on Android – Method 2

Don’t want to record the screen for saving Instagram reels on Android, here is another solution – Third party apps.
Downloading and utilizing third-party apps is simple and saves you from the fuss of screen recording. An ETM video downloader and a few more reliable apps are available that download the reels by asking for the link to that specific reel; that’s it.

How to save Instagram reels with music on iPhone? – Method 1

As already mentioned, Instagram doesn’t have a built-in feature to download reels. Therefore, we need to adopt an alternative way when saving Instagram reels on iPhones.

The simplest way to save reels on iPhone is the same, i.e., screen recording. However, the process is a bit different for iPhone.
To start screen recording on your iPhone to save the Instagram reel in your gallery, you need to access the screen recording option. For this, you must include the screen recording option to Include controls.
Go to settings, and then access Control Center and then add Screen Recording. Done! One can now easily access this recording option from Control Screen.
It’s time to save the Instagram reel on your iPhone now. Open the Instagram app, tap on the Screen Recording button from Control Center and record whatever you want. iPhone saves your screen recordings to the camera roll automatically.

How to save Instagram reels with music on iPhone? – Method 2

Another most straightforward method to keep reels on iPhone is using third-party apps. There are several applications available on the internet that serves the purpose.
Some well-known and reliable options include Instagram Down and In Saver.

How to easily download your own Instagram reels?

You don’t always desire to save someone else’s reels. For instance, you have posted a fantastic reel and want to share it with your fans and followers on other social media accounts.
Unlike saving reels of other Instagram users to your phone, Instagram allows you to save your reel easily. It has a built-in option, so you don’t need to go for other alternatives.

The process is most uncomplicated so let us do it. Open the application and access the Reels tab from your account.
Look for the reel you want to save and tap on it; it will open to full screen.

You will see the three dots in the right corner at the bottom. Just tap on those dots to pull up the menu and click the Save button. Done!
It will save your own Instagram reel to your Camera roll automatically. The process couldn’t be simpler.

Repurpose your Instagram reels by sharing on other platforms – Wrapping up

Now, everyone is well aware of saving Instagram reels from your Android or iPhone, so it’s time to repurpose them.
Whether it’s your reel or reel by someone else, you can post it on any desired social media platform to enjoy plenty of perks.
Utilizing the same reels on every social media platform will save lots of your time and effort as you don’t have to create entirely different content for every platform. Besides, it also gets you fantastic backlinking opportunities when published outside your website.
When you choose to repurpose your Instagram reels, it aids you in building authority by delivering a message to new audiences on every platform and by reinforcement of messages to overlapped audiences across different platforms.
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