How to Turn ON Touchscreen On a Chromebook

How to Turn ON Touchscreen On a Chromebook

People have enjoyed using the Chromebook since the first touchscreen chrome launched in 2013. The touchscreen can add thrill to your gaming and comfort while working on a project. That’s why most people prefer to use a Chromebook with a touch screen. But another undeniable fact exists. Not everyone likes the touch screen. That’s why Chromebook has solved this myth. They provide the functionality of turning the touch screen ON or OFF on a Chromebook. If you’re wondering how to turn a Chromebook’s touchscreen on, continue reading. 

Chromebook is the most widely used Google operating system nowadays. You will enjoy a better user experience in this way. We will discuss the shortcuts that can help you enable or disable touch screens on Chromebook. But first, we will look at the factors that cause the sudden stop of the touchscreen on the Chromebook without doing anything. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Turn ON Touch Screen on Chromebook

There’s nothing like a Chromebook when it comes to laptops. Windows devices and Mac Books have more complex features than these devices. Chrome browser is used to perform most tweaks on laptops. The simplicity aspect is certainly enhanced by this, even though it may sound a little annoying.

  • Open the Chrome browser on your Chromebook to enable the touchscreen or touchpad.
  • Go to the address bar and type “chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts”.
  • Locate the Debugging keyboard shortcuts on the next screen. There’s a good chance it’ll be highlighted.
  • For this option to be enabled, click Enable.
  • The touchscreen function can now be enabled through Search + Shift + T.
  • Using Search + Shift + P will disable the touchpad function.

Why Does Touchscreen on Chromebook Stop Working?

It often happens that during your work, the touchscreen on a Chromebook stops working. You have to figure out the issue and enable the touchscreen again. Chromebooks are pretty handy to use. Therefore, finding the causes and fixing them is easy. Let’s first look at the reasons that make the touchscreen stop working. 

  • Dust on Screen

If the touchscreen is full of dust and dirty objects, it won’t work. Besides this, using a Chromebook touchscreen with wet or dirty hands may not function normally. 

  • Settings

Check the system settings to see if you accidentally turn off the touchscreen on Chromebook. You can re-enable the touchscreen by toggling the button if this is the case. 

  • Issues in Software

Software issues can also affect the working of the touchscreen. You can resolve this issue by factory reset within a few minutes. 

  • Hardware Issues

If the touch screen digitizer or other hardware needs repairing, this may lead to the Chromebook touchscreen stopping. 


What to Do If Touchscreen on Chromebook Stops Working?

If you don’t want to take your Chromebook to any mechanic and want to fix the issues by yourself, here are some ways to do this task. Advanced software knowledge or prior experience isn’t necessary. Even a person having zero technical knowledge can fix the Chromebook touchscreen issues. Follow these steps to get your Chromebook touchscreen fixed:

  • Clean Dust From Screen

Use a lint-free cloth to clean the screen of your Chromebook after it has been shut down. Cleaning the iPad’s screen follows the same steps as cleaning the iPhone’s screen. If the screen has any liquid on it, remove any dirt or debris, food crumbs, and sticky residues.


Microfiber cloths and LCD screen cleaning solutions can be used to clean filthy screens. Keep the cleaning solution away from the keyboard and do not allow it to run down behind the screen. Using another microfiber cloth, dry the screen entirely.

  • Make Your Hands Clean

If you want to ensure that your Chromebook touchscreen works fine, clean your hands and make them dust-free before touching the screen again. 

  • Check The Touchscreen Turned ON

There is an option in Chromebook to turn ON or OFF according to your preference. If the touchscreen is not working, check the toggle button to make sure whether it is turned ON or not. You can use a shortcut to turn ON the touch screen by pressing Search+ Shift+ T.

  • Hard Reset

If still, the touchscreen is not working after performing all these steps, you need to complete a hard reset. Here is the process of hard reset for a Chromebook: 

  • Shut down the Chromebook
  • The Refresh button needs to be pressed and held for a while, then the power button needs to be pressed
  • When Chromebook starts up, release the Refresh button
  • Reset Chromebook Factory Settings

If you still cannot use the touchscreen, here is the next step you can take.

You can do power washing of your Chromebook, also known as factory settings. This power washing will remove all the data from your device permanently. Backing up your data is necessary so that you can move it to another location. Restoring it will not be possible otherwise.


How do I find the touchscreen on my Chromebook?

You can use the shortcut Search + Shift + T to activate the touchscreen on chrome book. 

How do I turn off the touchscreen on my Acer Chromebook?

Use your Chromebook’s Chrome browser to access the Chrome web browser.

  • From the next screen, highlight the highlighted ‘Debugging keyboard shortcuts’.
  • Activate this option by clicking ‘Enable’.
  • Use the Search + Shift + T key combination to turn off the touchscreen after restarting the device.

Why is my Chromebook touch screen not working?

Make sure your touchscreen is dust-free. Chromebook hardware should be reset. Chromebook factory settings should be reset.

Does a Samsung Chromebook have touch screen?

Your Samsung Chromebook’s touch screen may be useful in some situations. It is easy to use apps, websites, and files quickly by tapping, swiping, dragging, and zooming.

Does Chromebook Lenovo have touch screen?

Designed for performance and flexibility, Lenovo Chromebooks feature a touch-screen interface that makes them ideal for school, work and entertainment.


Final Words

If you have performed all of the above steps, but the Chromebook touchscreen is still not working, you may have to take your Chromebook to a professional repairing company. You must show the technician your device if there is a hardware failure. Otherwise, the above steps are enough to turn on your Chromebook’s touchscreen. We hope our discussion will help you resolve the Chromebook touchscreen issue. We are happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments section.




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