The Instagram Algorithm 2022:

The Instagram Algorithm 2023

The Instagram Algorithm 2023

Reels, Collab’s, New Feeds and How to Incorporate Them


A mystery surrounding the Instagram algorithm affects many of the platform’s users. But what exactly does “the Instagram algorithm” even really mean? What control does IG have over what we get to see on their feeds? This blog examines how to use the Instagram algorithm (or algorithms), how they’ve developed as well as what’s new to the platform, and the best way to make use of the information to create an effective social media strategy by 2023. The Instagram Algorithm 2022: 

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How do you know Instagram’s algorithm? Instagram algorithm?

Instagram doesn’t have a general “algorithm” that dictates what users see and don’t see in the application. It has several methods and algorithms that serve a specific purpose based on the type of content produced and viewed.

“We want to make the most of your time, and we believe that using technology to personalize your experience is the best way to do that.”

-” Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram

You may be familiar with the news feed that was chronological Instagram was using when it first launched in the year 2010. However, as growing numbers of people joined Instagram, users scrolling through their feeds were being left out of as much as 70 per cent of posts on their feed. This led to Instagram launched ranked feeds in 2016 to ensure that users only saw content that was interesting to them.

Instagram Feed, Explore, and Reels have a unique algorithm customized to each user’s needs. Most users want to know what their Facebook acquaintances are up to on Stories; for instance, they’ll see their friend’s stories, and Instagram is a great way to show those with close relationships. However, Instagram crafts the Explore tab to showcase more obscure content.

Which way do Instagram places Feed in the top spot and Stories

The majority of the content they post to the feeds of their Story and Feed comes from people they are familiar with in real life. Instagram will prioritize that content for them.

The feeds and Stories algorithm is comprised of three parts: Feeds and Stories algorithm works in three different parts:

Instagram pulls up all the recent posts posted by the people you follow.

Instagram analyzes thousands and thousands of “signals” about the posts (people who wrote the post, what date they posted, how often you like their posts, etc.). The most critical indicators include:

The information about the content of the posting: popularity, and specific information about content like format, time of posting and so on.

Poster details: Instagram looks at how frequently people interact with your poster to determine your level of interest in their posts.

Your task: Decide the areas of your interest.

History of interactions: Instagram looks at whether or not you have commented on someone’s post to determine if you’re interested in their posts.

Instagram determines how likely you will interact with posts. These predictions are based on how long you spend on a post, including comments on it and sharing it with friends, liking it or tapping the profile photo.

How Instagram is ranked, Explore

The Explore tab follows a similar method to Feeds and Stories, even if its content is from accounts you do not follow.

One of the first things Instagram examines when it comes to curating content for the Explore tab is the posts you’ve been involved with previously. For instance, if you frequently interact with the bakery you love, Instagram also looks at other users who have interacted with the account. Then, they check out the other accounts that users are connected to and show them any content they believe you’re unaware of.

After that, Instagram looks at how likely you are to interact with the content. To determine this, the algorithm looks at:

How many people also are likely to share, like, or comment and save the blog post

Your engagement history in the poster

What kinds of Explore posts have you interacted with in the past?

How many times have they taken part in the discussion on the poster over the last few weeks?

Which way does Instagram rank Reels? Instagram ranks Reels

Reels are similar to Explore, but rather than focusing solely on exploration, Reels focus on entertainment. It also focuses on artists with smaller fan bases.

To rank Reels, Instagram looks at the likelihood that you will go through a video until the end, then like it, or think it was interesting upon a question. It also tracks the frequency of visits to the audio site to see the people who may be inspired to create the Reel that is their own.

Other signals that are relevant include:

What’s new on Instagram in 2023?

Link stickers

Link stickers replaced the Instagram “swipe-up” feature in August 2021. Instagram link stickers can be tapped as icons accessible for Instagram Stories that direct users to other websites. These links are crucial in generating leads, conversions, and transactional transactions on social media.

Swipe-ups are only accessible to verified users or over 10,000 followers, but link stickers are available to all Instagram users regardless of followers number. People can also respond with IG Stories containing link stickers–a feature that was not available for swipe-ups.

Did you have any idea? In 2020 nearly 47% of marketers stated that swipe-up IG Stories were their preferred influencer marketing method within Instagram. The second most popular format was an in-feed photo in-feed image, with 14.9 per cent of marketers naming it their preferred design.

This is an excellent opportunity for your business to use affiliate links with any influencer without worrying about the number of followers. Link stickers help assess the success of campaigns or influencers by helping monitor revenue, website traffic, and attribution.


Instagram post collabs let you co-author content alongside another user. This content will then be shared on both profiles, increasing the audience and engagement of both accounts.

In 2021, around 70 per cent of influencers on social media had listed collaborations with brands as their primary source of income. This makes Instagram’s new collab feature an excellent instrument for influential marketers. This feature lets both parties reach out to the new audience, increases engagement, and allows each user to find new and exciting content. Users can also observe when two people collide on the same content; it gives an openness to the audience when a creator works with a brand instead of publishing about it naturally.

Emphasis on Reels

Instagram introduced Reels in 2020 to serve as an alternative for the short-form video to TikTok. The platform was launched in 2021 and increased the maximum length of Reels from 30 seconds to a minute. Instagram has also introduced various editing options such as voiceovers, music and text effects, stickers, and self-timers.

This is also testing a brand new tool, “Montage, ” which allows users to transform their Stories into short, short Reel content. Instagram is evolving its platform to encourage original content and even pays TikTok stars to publish exclusively on Reels. Instagram anticipates a win-win-win with the new feature that lets creators cross-promote their short-form content while attracting the most prominent social media stars from their competitors.

In-shop ads

Instagram introduced its in-app purchasing experience in 2020 to aid struggling retailers during the initial stages of the COVID-19 epidemic. The platform launched in-shop ads beginning in 2021 to “make it easier for people to discover and shop from brands when they’re already in the mood to shop.”

Screenshots from smartphones of Instagram feature shop

Image via Meta for Business

The ads in the shop appear in the form of tiles on Instagram’s Instagram Shop tab home page. Users are directed to the “product details” page to learn more about the item, view additional images, and browse the seller’s other products.

What’s in store for Instagram 2023?

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced in January that the company was trying out some changes to its users’ feeds. The new layout could let users toggle between three options on the main screen.

The options are:

Home The present Instagram configuration in which the platform makes feeds based on the type of content it believes will appeal to each person the best.

Favourite Content: The content within this section is taken from a collection of accounts selected by the user. It is displayed within the feed chronologically.

Following A chronological list of accounts, the user follows, as well as an option to set it up. Mosseri announced in December last year that he was to return.

There’s no timetable for when Instagram will begin rolling out the three-feed feature; however, it’s certainly something to keep an eye on in 2022.

Instagram subscriptions

Instagram is testing a subscription-based service with a small number of creators. The creators can use the service to choose a monthly cost that they prefer for premium content. They can also unlock a “subscribe” button on their profile.

After signing up, subscribers can get access to

Live streams with exclusive subscriber subscribers allow for greater engagement.

Subscriber Stories are only available to the creator’s most engaged fans

Creators can quickly identify their most popular fans

“With Instagram Subscriptions, creators can develop deeper connections with their most engaged followers and grow their recurring monthly income by giving subscribers access to exclusive content and benefits–all within the same platform where they interact with them already.”

— Instagram Business Team

Five ways to use the Instagram algorithm in 2022.

1. Post more Reels

Brands must consider stepping up their short-form video game in light of Instagram’s focus on promoting more high-quality Reel content. Posting Reels consistently is your best chance to have your content noticed by Instagram, thereby increasing visibility and engagement.

Since Instagram has focused more on Reels and Reels, some creators are now posting static images to their Instagram pages as short-length video clips. In the case below, the experience for users is the same as when looking at a standard still image. However, Instagram considers the post to be a video.

It is essential to encourage your viewers to take part in the content for additional engagement. Reels are an excellent platform for Q&A content or capitalizing on the latest trend in virality. Consider also putting your Reels with a call-to-action in Reels where viewers can search for more details or ask questions regarding your company’s brand.

2. Use the appropriate hashtags

Utilizing relevant hashtags remains one of the best methods of increasing the reach of your Instagram posts. Websites such as Hashtagify, Rite Tag, and Icon square are great sources to determine which hashtags are the popular and the best fit for your business.

A common misconception is that having more hashtags implies more followers. Although Instagram can allow up to 30 hashtags in the same post, it’s necessarily a good idea to use the maximum number of hashtags for every post. The best amount of hashtags you can utilize is determined by the size of your following. Utilize the following chart to understand better the number of hashtags that will work best for your particular content.

The circle graph shows points that represent more interactions in total hashtags utilized.

Infographic Transcript

3. Inspire engaging conversations

Engaging users is a top primary concern for brands who use social media. But, they should consider more in 2022 than just commenting and likes on stories and posts and look at engaging in meaningful conversations with their fans. It could be as simple as talking about what they would prefer to see more than less from you as a company. It could also involve identifying the critical issues to your customers and deciding to take a stand on these issues.

— Takumi, Into the Mainstream: Influencer Marketing in Society

Also, please discuss with your influencer team what is important to them. More than half of those aged 16-34 believe that influencers on social media should utilize their platforms to talk about issues of the day and current events. A campaign centered on a cause important to your business and your influencers will likely be a hit with your audience.

4. Collaboration with other brands

Two are always more potent than one. If you’re already working with creators, you can take it to the next level by collaborating with brands that complement your product. For instance, an online retailer of computer monitors could see results when partnering with a firm which makes gaming chairs. Both groups are likely to share similar interests, and an individual post can be able to connect both groups at the same time. 

5. Tell the story of your brand

Consumers–especially young consumers–want to know if there is a story behind the products they buy. Make a Reel that demonstrates the source of your ingredients or makes various products. You can also live stream to answer real-time questions or share stories revealing details and information about your company. Instagram now allows product tagging throughout all platforms, which means that whatever you’re posting, you’ll always have an opportunity to showcase your products and services.


To succeed in 2022, (The Instagram Algorithm 2022: )businesses must use every tool they have at their disposal to boost engagement and inspire people to be interested in their offerings and services. Utilizing Instagram’s frequent updates and including them in their influencer marketing strategy, brands can reach out to new consumers eager to buy and increase the brand’s affinity with existing ones.

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