War robots mod apk

War robots mod apk

War Robots MOD APK is a free-to-play online action game where players can choose from various battle robots and fight against other players in real-time online battles. This strategy-based game allows players to play PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment).
This game has developed by Pixonic and released in 2014. The game has received positive reviews from both fans and critics alike. It is one of the most played games on the Google Play Store. More than 50 million users have installed this game. DONLOAD HERE


The game War robots mod apk is created for all action lovers who love unlimited adventures and fun. Its gameplay is very interesting and easy. In this game, you can prove your abilities to win battles. There is a variety of game modes, Ammo, and weapons. Players can shoot their enemies using guns or melee attacks to destroy them. It is a multiplayer game, and you can play with your friends. If you do not find any friends to play the game with you, then there is a large community in the game. You can join clans to make friends.
Moreover, you can also create your clan and complete a military mission to get many rewards. The player and the other five teammates are sent to the battlefield when a battle starts. Depending on the game mode, the goals also change—methods, such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, Quick match, etc. Arena and Skirmish modes are only available on weekends. Game modes are divided into two categories, default and custom. There are 12 maps. Vehicles can also move around the map or attack other enemies. Players can use grenades to kill or fight against the enemy or destroy their buildings. Robots are an important part of the game, which protect the player and defeat other enemies. For your best experience, you can also upgrade and replace its components. Different classes of fighters are available in the game: heavy, medium, support, etc. Each type has its features and strengths, so players must decide which class they want to play. If you learn the gameplay, you can easily win all the battles or levels of the game. Make a group of amazing and solid robots, set an online war, and enjoy the game. A lot of fights and battles are waiting for you.


Robots and Commanders

In the game, there is a variety of robots and commanders. Each robot has its strength and weakness. They have their unique abilities and powers. There are more than 50 robots which you can choose from. They are war machines; they help you in mega fights against your opponents.
Commanders are also categorized into different classes. You can choose a perfect and suitable commander to put inside your massive fighting machines and take them to fights or battles. You can also upgrade them to unlock more stats and effective abilities.


Robots and players can also use different weapons to face the battlefield efficiently. Players can choose weapons and fighting styles in freedom. Robots and weapons are separate components. Players can also change weapon loadout.
Customize Robot
Players can customize their robots. If 50 robots will not enough, the game allows customization. You can choose the exterior and interior powers of your robot. This game provides the opportunity to build your warrior. You can also select aggressive-type robots to win the battles easily.

Make your crew

You can make your group or team for the fight. You have to select any six robots and make your crew. Choose incredible robots for your staff. You can also develop your tribe. This feature allows users to add strength by choosing robots, weapons, and fighting styles.
Solo Battle
Sometimes you want to play alone to relax. Then you can have fun in a solo battle. You can select the solo mode and participate in 1v1 games. If you form attack combos, the classic 1v1 match rewards you heavily in the game, and you win it.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money

Money is a very important and major feature of every Mod Apk. Same, in this game, you get unlimited money in your dashboard without wasting time and with hard effort. Without wasting time and hard efforts are the only owner of your money. You can buy anything that you want or need.

Unlimited Ammo

This feature is essential for the fight. Firstly, you need to know the amount of Ammo the game provides. It offers only some bullets, and then the gun gets overheated. You can’t defeat your enemies if you do not know about it. In this mod apk, you have unlimited Ammo to fire on the opponent. So, enjoy it!


All the graphics of the game are smooth and much improved. They are of 3D concentration. It pleasure the game users. They are best for both the eyes and the soul. You can enjoy its beautiful graphics on your old phones too. Enjoy this shooting game with stunning graphics.


Q. Is this game available on the Google play store?
Yes, this game is available on all the Google play stores. You can find it easily.


The game is all about Shooting, Fighting, Adventures, and Entertainment. People who played this game are satisfied with its gameplay, features, and graphics. It is very easy and interesting. You never get bored with it. One can create your team for battle. You can customize and upgrade your robots and weapons. You can get unlimited money. One can play with your friends and also play solo battles. Its beautiful graphics will pleasant your mood. Download the game and test your fighting skills.

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