What does a torn stomach muscle feel like?

What does a torn stomach muscle feel like?

What does a torn stomach muscle feel like?

Everything to know about symptoms, causes, and treatment

Torn muscle or abdominal strain, there are several names for this condition. We cannot say that this is a disease or disorder. Eventually, it might extend if it is not appropriately treated. In this condition, there is no risk or harm to the stomach, and only the muscles get stretched in a particular way. That causes soreness, pain, and a tearing feeling.

The intensity of pain differs in every person as the cause of this condition varies in every person. In this article, we are going to explore all about strain. And what does a torn stomach muscle feel like? Additionally, we will discuss detailed sections of the leading causes, symptoms, and treatment of abdominal strain.

No doubt, this will be a fantastic and highly informative article. Further, you will also learn how it is apart from other injuries and disorders in the same area. And the procedure for appropriate identification of torn stomach muscle.

What does a torn stomach muscle feel like?

Stomach muscles or abdominal muscles are right in the center of the body. They are part of the musculoskeletal system and are located between the pelvis and ribs. Stomach muscles surround different organs. Besides that, the main concern here is that the abdominal muscles are beneficial in movement.

Hence, if these muscles are torn, the person might feel significant discomfort. And the situation can get worse according to the ferocity of the strain. Stomach muscle strains are not a very panic condition at all.

There is nothing to worry about because it can happen to any person. And typically, it is not considered a disease. A person with tom stomach muscles can feel the following sensation;

1· There might be a sudden sharp pain in the abdomen

2· A slight movement can cause bruising and muscle spasms.

3· The person is in continuous discomfort because of muscle cramping.

4· The person might feel his stomach muscles swell and stiffed

The pain can estimate the severity of the stomach muscle strain. The person might feel pain in the center of the abdomen and sideways. During the stretched stomach muscles, the person is restricted from walking. Sometimes, the stomach strain is so intense that the person cannot move a little.

Causes of torn stomach muscle

Any person can encounter torn stomach muscle issues. Although, it is not permanent and can be treated effectively. But before discussing the treatment for the stretched abdominal muscles, it is necessary to elaborate on the leading causes.

Generally, muscle stretches in any body area are common. Additionally, it is not a big concern, and the same goes for the abdominal strains. Following are some of the reasons for muscle strains.

      Any sudden accident or injury that faces the abdominal tissues and muscles directly.

      Rapid twisting of stomach muscles.

      Weakness, people with a nutrient-deficient diet for a long latent time (weak muscles)

      Excessive and intensive exercises and yoga body stretches.

      I was lifting heavy objects without good posture.

      You play any sports with any precautions and play in poor form and postures.

      Extensive and severe cough attacks and sneezing.

All these are the significant causes of stomach muscle cramping. People who play football, tennis, hockey, and badminton are more likely to develop this condition as they need to perform many core activities at an intense rate.

This problem is also seen in weak people. The people whose protein intake is less face abdominal and other body strains. Their muscles are not very strong, and they get twisted more often. Are you thinking about what a torn muscle in the arm feels like? So it has the same feeling as the muscles of the abdomen.

Identification of torn stomach muscle and hernia

Many people get confused between torn stomach muscles and hernia problems. No doubt, in both cases, the person feels pain in the abdomen. But two of the things are different things. This section will go through the symptoms of a hernia and abdominal strain.

In abdominal strain, the person may feel pain during;

1. An intensive activity like exercise

2. Laughing, coughing, and sneezing.

3. Getting up after a latent time or any vigorous movement.

Hernia and its symptoms

A condition in which any internal organ wall is sticking with the walls in which it contains. It is treated with extensive treatment processes. The symptoms are pretty similar. That is why there is confusion among people between hernia and abdominal strain.

Hernia patients suffer from;

1. Nausea

2. Feeling of vomiting, sometimes mild vomiting too.

3. Constipation problem.

4. A sensation of burn in the stomach

5.A lump or an unexpected bulge in the abdomen.

Now it is straightforward for you to differentiate and evaluate your problem. Consequently, you will be able to proceed accordingly.

Treatment for abdominal strain

There are numerous easy ways to treat your torn stomach muscles. And it can be done at home in a very effective manner. Generally, it takes 2-3 weeks for proper treatment, but here are some ways to speed up the recovery process.

  1.  Heat Therapy

It is an excellent and effective technique to treat torn stomach muscles. This heat therapy increases the blood circulation in that area. As a result, there is a reduction in inflammation to a great extent. And there is also relief from pain.

Step-by-step process

1. Take a heating pad and place it where you feel pain in the abdomen.

2. If you do not have a heating pad, make one at your home.

3.Take 2 cups of rice and tie them on a cloth in the form of a pillow.

4.Microwave it for 2 minutes and see if you can touch it comfortably.

5. Now, put it on your abdomen for at least 20 minutes.

6. Repeat the process after every 3-5 hours.

7. The muscles will start getting relaxed after a few heat therapies.


  1. Using painkillers and compressions

Pain killers are also perfect for relieving pain. These will give you instant relief. It is best to take the painkillers suggested by your doctor. Anti-inflammation tablets can also be used to reduce inflammation of torn stomach muscles.

Compression is another remedy to perform at home to treat torn stomach muscles. In this, you put a bandage or thick warm cloth on your abdomen. It compresses the twisted muscles and restricts movement. Hence, the level of pain is reduced.

Cold therapy

Cold therapy works on some people. And it is best when instantly used after the abdominal strain. Sports players or the ones who perform intense workouts use this therapy. Cold therapy stops the muscles from inflating, and it successfully reduces the pain in the muscles.

Step-by-step process

1.Quickly, grab an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables.

2.Wrap a towel or a thick cloth over the ice pack.

3. It will prevent the direct contact of ice packs with the skin, avoiding the risk of any rash or irritation.

4. Place the ice pack over the area of injury. Keep it there for up to 15 minutes.

5.Repeat the same process after a few days of injury.

These are easy and quick ways to treat your torn abdominal muscles. Doing these treatments carefully can fully recover in a few weeks.

Even after these treatments, consult your doctor if your pain is not going. It is better to get some medical consultation at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What does a torn muscle in the calf feel like?

Calf muscles also suffer from strains. There is an intense feeling of pain in that area. The muscles twist or sometimes swell.

2.       Can torn stomach muscles happen during pregnancy?

Yes, muscle twisting and cramping can happen in pregnancy. Many females are not familiar with this, as they consider it normal in this condition.

3.       Can muscle strain lead to a severe problem?

Although muscle strain or cramp is not a severe problem and can be treated very well, if the person does not focus on it, it may lead to severe pain.

Final words

A torn stomach muscle is very painful, and the person suffers a lot. But it is possible to treat it at home by doing proper remedies.

It is significant to consult the doctor if the pain intensity is severe as your health is the most important and precious thing. We hope you have got all the answers to the questions regarding What does a torn stomach muscle feel like?








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